Two Week Wait...

I spent years suffering through the dreaded two week wait. Now sitting here looking at the calender for our home inspection I feel like I'm back in the two week wait. UGH! lol

 Sorry, I'm whinging. Just feeling anxious to get this show on the road so to speak.  

I think the real issue for me is currently that I know there is another couple looking at the boys.  We are a few steps ahead of them, but it still makes my stomach a little upset.  Typing it out makes me feel selfish.


Re: Two Week Wait...

  • Don't feel selfish about stating that your heart is involved. That is what we are here for, for you to feel comfortable about stating what is in your heart. I felt as though my heart was in my throat for years...until we finalized. I hope that all goes well for all of you!

    Mother of two wonderful boys! Blessed through adoption.

  • Ugh.  I hated the feeling that we were competing against other families for the children we were considering, or asking to be allowed to parent.  My husband had such a better attitude about it, always reminding me that if we weren't picked, it meant the children had a home, and another child would also find a home with us.  I knew he was right in theory, but all I could see was the threat they may have been to our moving forward and finally having our children.  It was very hard to try to let myself feel enough so that I was appropriately involved/interested/attached to the situation, but not so much that I'd be crushed if it didn't work out.  Truly one of the most surreal experiences in the world.
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