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how to stop the comfort sucking.

my daughter is now 7.5 months old, and ive been patient with the comfort sucking because in the beginning i heard that babies wean themselves from it, more or less, around 4 months of age. well, clearly, that did not happen and it has only gotten to be more time consuming. she'll suck for 10-15 minutes to eat and then she will continue to comfort suck for an hour- sometimes an hour and a half. i wanted to start weaning her when she started teething but then i felt that it would be harmful to her if i weaned her during such a milestone. ive tried laying wtih her in bed, and then sneaking away. i've tried waiting until her sucking was a "flutter suck" and after i made sure she was in a deep sleep with the "limp arm test" and even after being sure she was in a deep sleep, i'd pull away and she starts rooting- and if i dont go back to her, shes crying and awakens. she wont even sleep in her crib for more than half hour, fourty five minute spurts because she'll root around for me and if im not there, she'll wake up crying. idk what to do because im missing out on time with my husband in bed with me, or even me being able to sneak away to spend time with him, because all my daughter wants to do is hang on to me. whaaaat do i do. i love my daughter but im way past frustrated at this point. any suggestions?

Re: how to stop the comfort sucking.

  • p.s. i feel like i should also note, she does not take a pacifier. never has- tried multiple times with multiple brands. she just spits it out. annnd, i dont really believe in letting her cio. 
  • Once she is asleep and you unlatch her, if she starts rooting have you tried a pacifier at that time?

    This is pretty much what I have to do with D. He doesn't kick it out if he is sleeping. 

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  • My DS does this sometimes. What I started doing was pumping and giving him a bottle at night so his last memory isn't of nursing. It's worked wonders. During the day, I try to feed him when he wakes versus when he's going down for a nap to avoid him nursing the entire nap. Sometimes he just needs to nurse before a nap or bed, and I gently keep pulling the nipple out until he stops rooting for it. I think rock with him for a bit and hum. I stand up and continue rocking and humming. Then put him in the crib and hum for about 5 min or so until I'm sure he's asleep.
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  • When my son starts to comfort suck, I only let him do it a few minutes.  He doesn't need to learn that it's ok to hang on me for an hour "just because."  If he starts to fall asleep/unlatch, I try and end it there.  If he goes back in for more, I let him, but he usually just goes back to comfort sucking, not actually eating so he only gets about 2 chances to stay on me.  I love my son, but I'm in charge of our schedule, not him, and it's healthy for our family for my husband and I to get our time for each other every day.  You also aren't weaning him by taking him off your boob when he's done eating and just comfort sucking as you are still nursing him, so I don't think you need to worry about that with the teething milestone.  
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