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I received this today...(A rant, somewhat)

In a text, nonetheless! If I couldn't loathe anyone anymore for leaving me, they TEXT me to apologize! As if!

"Im sorry its taken me to contact you, because I havent known what to say until now. More than anything in my life Ive ever regretted Im left with an emptiness I cant fill, I hurt the one I love and took off while you were pregnant and needed me the most. I remember every reason I fell in love with you. There's not a second that goes by you aren't on my mind. You are my mind, and I love and miss the hell out of you."


All I can say is... seriously?  

Re: I received this today...(A rant, somewhat)

  • Sorry, "You are my life" not "mind".
  • It think it's Maya Angelou that said " believe someone the first time they show you who they are because they will keep showing you." 

    don't take this jerk back. 

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  • If he was serious he would SHOW you he means it rather than send a text..don't believe a word until he proves otherwise
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  • Actions speak louder than words! Remember that. Good luck!
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  • I can't tell you how many times BD sent texts like that. For me, his words are meaningless now. Be cautious!
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  • Completely and utterly agree with all of you!
    Before it involved the baby I gave him more chances than necessary,
    and I told him I won't ever put my child through the pain he has put me through.
    I wouldn't be any kind of a mother to take him back.
    I don't want my baby even feeling a minuscule amount of what I've felt during our marriage.
  • I wish I would have been as smart as you.  I let myself get sucked in by all the "I wish I had done things differently".  all the right words, none of the actions to back those words up.  thank God it was just me that got roped in, and DS never knew anything. 
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