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is my baby "slow"???

I keep seeing all these posts about how your babies are rolling over and enjoy tummy time.  Well Avery DESPISES tummy time and whenever we put her down, she either puts her head down and goes to sleep, or lays there until she cries. 

For the most part she's very strong.  She can hold her head up when she's laying on my chest and even tries to sort of 'sit up' when shes laying back, but as far as pushing herself up and rolling over, she is NO where near that. 


Re: is my baby "slow"???

  • No, she's not slow.  Most charts have rolling over in the 4 month range, 3 months at the earliest. 
  • No shes not. My DD has no interest either. She only likes tummy time on my chest or to sleep. Otherwise she cries. Se can lift her head just fine just hates being left on her tummy.

    Don't worry. Most do not roll over until 4 months anyway. My DD will be behind her age b/c she was a preemie. I have to go by her adjusted age (which is only 6 weeks old).

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  • My baby doesn't roll yet either.
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  • Kate a non-roller and she's almost 4 months old. 
  • nope!  Babies develop at different paces.  DS isn't trying to roll at all.  I'll enjoy the non-mobility for as long as I can!  Wink
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  • not at all. Meredith hates tummy time for the most part. It's truly hit or miss if i get 5 minutes out of her now and that's a lot.


  • All babies are different. And no she is definitely not slow. I'm really sorry if I made you feel that way. I told my friend about DD rolling over and she said I should talk to my pedi because it is was way too early. I think 4 months or something is more normal.?DH did everything early as a baby so I guess DD takes after him.
  • I meant to add that DH is an athlete so maybe she just has his athletic genes? She certainly didn't get it from me!
  • If Avery is slow, then Aidan is really slow, LOL! He has not even attempted to roll over at all. But he seems happy and content just lying around and looking at things, so I'm not worried.
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  • don't worry.  she is learning at her own pace.  Jason doesn't roll over yet, although it's starting to be late for him not to.  But he hates tummy time too, so we have other ways we work on strengthening his neck, like using the bumbo and standing up which he loves.  GL!
  • Thanks girls!  You made me feel at ease- not that I was really all THAT worried since shes only 5 weeks old but I was amazed at some of the babies' progress here!

    she made me feel better just now.  I was doing a little baby massage on the changing table and I put her on her tummy.  She didn't cry and actually half pushed herself up. maybe she just hates the floor?

  • She is so not slow. DS loves tummy time but hasn't tried to roll over all the way. He prefers to roll just to his side from his back or tummy. He also tries to sit up when reclined in the Boppy or on his back on his mat.

    Remember, every child is different. She'll be rolling before you know it :)  

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