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Dark, sticky poop

LO's poop this morning was unlike anything he has ever had before.  It was more solid than he normally has and darker. And very sticky. 

I'm a little concerned because I picked the poop on the similac website that it looked most like and it said it could be indicative of blood in the stool.  He seems to be feeling fine, though.  I know the nanny tried a new baby food flavor yesterday, but I don't remember what she said it was.  Also, he had some cereal puffs yesterday evening and some of the little yogurt drops (banana) that dissolve in your mouth.  These are not new foods. He has done very well with all solids (even turkey baby food)  up until now.  In fact, DH and I were commenting last night that he seemed to be the most advanced developmentally in his eating skills as he seems to love all foods we have tried and can feed himself puffs and the like very well.  He will be 9 months on 06/04.

Do you think it could be the new food?  I'm thinking that I might call the nanny to find out the new flavor/type of baby food she tried yesterday.  Should I call the pedi even though he seems fine or wait and see what the next poop is like?


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Re: Dark, sticky poop

  • I wouldn't worry about it, if it is a one time thing and he is feel and acting normal. My DD's poop changes on a daily basis due to what she had to eat. I'm sure if it was blood, you would have warning symptoms too. Blood generally doesn't just appear without the baby being fussy or in pain. I would wait and see what the next ones are like and if you are still concerned after, call your pedi.
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