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Orbs on the video monitor?

Anyone else? This s freaking me out. I hope it's dust but they aren't just falling in one direction. 

Re: Orbs on the video monitor?

  • KisstyKissty member
    I've seen it on mine too.  I've never worried about it.


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  • Hmm, interesting. I don't have video monitor, but if I saw something like that, I would probably be a little freaked too. But...I'm sure it's dust.
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  • Sounds like a ghostly infestation to me.
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  • CellisCellis member

    Sounds like a ghostly infestation to me.



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  • Do you run a humidifier or vaporizer?  Talk about CREEPY we had ours too close and it would blow over and really look like a ghost.. but in our house.. its cat hair and / or dust.. I did just vacuum and clean in there recently .. but normally.. 
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  • I haven't seen the humidifier on there yet.  LO and the humidifier have been in our room until recently and the video monitor is in his room.  I hope it's dust!! 

    And if I heard a creek at the same time I would freak! I have heard through the regular sound monitor that we keep in our room for when we put LO down before we go to bed, weird noises  and almost like something moving and then LO waking up but it could be him doing something strange who knows.  I'm going to say it's dust for now unless something else freaks me out. 

  • I've seen them a few times! We've got the angelcare monitor. My DH thinks I'm crazy!


  • YES! I've seen this at times too on my Motorola.  I thought I was losing it (I probably am) but sounds like it may be common.  

    Speaking of the VM, I stalk that thing.  Sometimes it's unhealthy.  My DH thinks I'm obsessed but I leave the picture on all night and have to see DD if I wake up during the night. 

  • more often than not orbs are just dust
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