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Father's Day

What are you ladies planning on getting as a Father's Day gift? 


This is our first child and I am lost as to what to get him, he is not helpful when it comes to giving hints. For Mother's Day he got me an iPad so i feel like I need to get him something good! So far the only thing I have gotten him are whiskey rocks  

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Re: Father's Day

  • Jeep stuff. The jeep is DHs mistress. She mocks me in my own front yard!
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  • I'm making ceramic mugs with hand prints on them.
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  • I hope to get DH a Kindle Fire HD, but since you already have an ipad, I think that would be a sucky gift lol.
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  • We're boring in that we just do the "What do you want to do today?" game.  Or, at least, that was the plan.  Apparently for Mother's Day I wanted to do laundry while he napped on my parent's couch. Womp womp.

    We're actually be in Disney for Father's Day, so I'm hoping to get a nice shot of FI and LO with Goofy and Max for him to put in his office.

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  • So far the plan is to let him sleep in and play video games. Drawing a blank on what to get him for a gift though.
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  • For our first Fathers Day I got DD a pretty dress and took "DAD" pictures, where you get wooden letters and take pictures of LO holding them.  I got them developed and put them in a frame for DH.  He absolutely loved it. 
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    Well the iPad sure is an awesome gift maybe hard to top? I like the D-A-D letters with the kids. SPAM
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