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Sooo I went over to TN for some sex advice, it just me, or are those ladies awfully "Your husband must be gay, you should get a divorce" happy? I mean...that seems like the rote response on nearly every thread there (mine included)

Is wanting to work on your marriage instead of immediately asking for a divorce whenever something goes wrong so antiquated? Out of like nine responses only one of them was genuinely helpful. I'm just...I dunno. It was weird.

Re: Yikes...

  • You asked for advice.  From the info you gave it looks like your husband after 7 years is still not being honest with you about something that is a big deal in a marriage.  Many people would see this as grounds for a divorce after 7 years.  

    But seriously you really need to fix your communication issues and the sex issues before you should consider ttc.  That was mentioned more than once but I'm sure you didn't find that valid advice.   

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