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behavior at ps

My 4 yo DS has a bff at ps but they also get in trouble from time to time together.

Today there was an incident. The friend said something to DS that he disn't like and DS spat in his face. Then the friend bit DS.

They are both 4. They are keeping them separated this afternoon. We are going to take a privilege away at home for spitting.

They are enrolled in the same class next year. Do you think we ask that they be separated? The problem is that they are both enrolled in morning class which allows them to take a nap in the afternoon whcih DS still needs. If he were to move to the afternoon class, he wouldn't have a nap.

Another option is switching preschools altogether. What would you do?

Re: behavior at ps

  • I would keep reinforcing your expectations, but at that age there is typically ALOT of maturation from May to September.  I would try to have play dates with that boy over the summer and help the work out together.  When my oldest started school she was afraid of anyone who whispered Boo too loudly and so we had every wild crazy hyper boy we could find over...  I say take it head on.  It is a challenge for him, so work on it in the safety of home so he can grow from it and react in a more appropriate manner.  That way, when he meets people like that in kindy, he is a pro.   
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  • I would not switch. They are four. That's things happen. Unless you think this boy is terrible all the time I'd keep then together.

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    Sounds like pretty normal 4 year old stuff to me.  I would not change classes or schools but I would remind your child of how to act.  I also feel that the teachers are handling it well by having the kids play away from each other the rest of the day.  Honestly, other than reinforcing the rules, I don't think an additional consequence at home is needed.  He already is getting a consequence at school and anything you will do at home is hours later and long forgotten by your child.
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