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DS has been sick with one form of virus or other with a constant runny nose for what feels like his entire life.  Pedi has been blaming Daycare saying it's just a "daycare cold."  He's the expert so we've been willing to go along until now.

Yesterday, we saw a different doctor at the office who has referred us to an allergist to rule out allergies because she suspects LO's adenoids are the problem and may have to come out.

Anyone been down this path yet?  How did it go?  MIL has told me a trip to the allergist is "barbaric - with all those needles."   Pretty sure that's an overstatement.  :) 

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Re: allergist/adenoids

  • Allergy testing is so easy now.  They have a pad thing that does all the tests at once.  DS didn't even have to lay down.  

    Both my kids had their adenoids out.  It has helped.  DS1 has environmental allergies and he is still miserable.  I imagine he would have lots of sinus infections if he still had his adenoids.  
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  • Thanks Brewtowngrl.

    I figured the testing had changed quite a bit since MIL took MH (about 35 years ago) :)  Sounds pretty harmless.

    DS has a lot of sinus infections which is what keeps bringing us back to pedi.  The new doctor we met yesterday had adenoids taken out of her 11 month old - DS is 3 1/2 and it's been a tough couple of years.

    Thanks again for sharing. 

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  • We recently did seasonal allergy testing on my 2.5 year old. He got the pricks on his back then we waited 20 minutes or so. He did not like the prick testing, but it was quick and a game on the iPad quickly took his mind off what happened.
  • imageCatDawn7470:
    a game on the iPad quickly took his mind off what happened.

    Thanks for this tip!  Great idea.  

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