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should i be worried about her stool?

DD used to have solid stools (like play-doh), but the past week her stool has been loose (sometimes like a mud consistency, sometimes very very loose). i have no idea if it's diarrhea or just regular stool? just wondering why it would change and if the change is bad? just concerned, so i would love your advice, thanks! 

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Re: should i be worried about her stool?

  • hilsy85hilsy85 member
    Do you breastfeed? My LO is BF and his stool changes consistency a lot, probably depending on what solids he's eating...sometimes it's formed and sometimes it's like peanut butter-ish. 


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  • KisstyKissty member
    Is LO teething?  I know when LO is teething badly he'll have very loose stools...


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