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Weekly Check-In

1.  How are you?

2.  Weekend highlight / lowlight?

3.  What are you looking forward to this week?

4.  What do / did you like best about being single? 

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Re: Weekly Check-In

  • ebd08ebd08 member

    1.  Better.  Hoping this is the light and the end of the tunnel for the first tri nastiness.

    2.  I worked at a Civil War re-enactment all weekend.  It was a lot of fun!

    3.  Nothing too exciting planned.  Maybe having DH's brother & wife over for dinner.

    4.  The spontaneity - before husband, dogs, and kid, I felt like I could just get up and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, without having to put it on the calendar a month in advance and not having to worry how your decisions affected several other people.  I liked the freedom of just being able to get up and go.

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  • 1.  How are you?

    Good.  Tired.

    2.  Weekend highlight / lowlight?

    Highlight my time home with the kids.  Lowlight... work, as it is every week.

    3.  What are you looking forward to this week?

    For it to be over.  I need it to be next Tuesday now. 

    4.  What do / did you like best about being single? 

    Having time for me.  As much as I love being married, and being a dad, and wouldn't give it up for anything... I miss time for me sometimes.  I'm either working or being dad pretty much non-stop.  I get about a 2 hour window every Friday IF (and that is a big if) I don't get forced over in my job on Fridays, where I am not working and the kids are not in the house with me.  What do I do during that time most of the time?  Chores and mow the lawn because that is when it is easiest because my boys aren't needing watched.

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  • 1.  How are you? Doing well over all. I got the ok from my OB to take some Zantac for my lovely heartburn issues and it has helped tremendously!

    2.  Weekend highlight / lowlight? DH & I went to a nice park near our house Sunday afternoon. It was so nice being outside in the beautiful, sunny weather. No lowlight that I can think of.

    3.  What are you looking forward to this week? A quiet weekend at home. June is crazy busy for us, then the baby will be here so I'm happy to have this weekend to get some stuff done.

    4.  What do / did you like best about being single? Probably not having to cook nearly as much. I was perfectly content with something like cereal and toast for dinner, but of course DH wants something a little more substantial.

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  • I'm doing well but especially tired this week.

    Weekend lowlight is DH left for a conference and LO has a stomach virus.

    Definitely looking forward to a girls night out.

    Not having to remember to put my shoes away every day.

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  • Doing good...just got put on bed rest this week due to BP....so I'm having oh so much fun laying in bed all day :/


    highlight this weekend would be cuddles with my 3 yr old son and pool opening...doc gave me permission to take little one to the pool so we are hoping for nice weather!

     Looking forward to my 36 wk appt tomorrow to 1 have the ultra sound to check her size and 2 see if I'm dilated at all

    best part about being single was being able to spend my money on me and go shopping anytime I wanted :)

  • imageebd08:
    1. nbsp;How are you?2. nbsp;Weekend highlight / lowlight?3. nbsp;What are you looking forward to this week?4. nbsp;What do / did you like best about being single?nbsp;

    Doing well. Having some pretty intense RLP lately and the fatigue is still overwhelming but nothing else is too bad.

    My weekend highlight was watching my SO fall out of bed trying to put his laptop away, and I laughed so hard I was crying and almost literally peed my shorts.

    I'm looking forward to Memorial day today, and cooking out, and spending time with family. Also, my dad is coming home from Afghanistan on Wednesday and im so excited. He hasn't been home in 10 months! Also, Wednesday morning is our first OB appointment and ultrasound. Can't wait! And Thursday we are meeting with our realtor to see some more houses and meet with our potential home building company. Big week!

    I don't miss being single at all. Well, maybe for the doing whatever whenever.
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