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How much?

My DD will be 7 months on Friday the 24th and I am concerned she is eating too much.  She usually eats about 6 oz of formula when she wakes up between 6:30 and 7 am, then she gets 1/4c of oatmeal with about two tbs of fruit, another 6 oz bottle and tbsp of fruit and tbsp or veggie for lunch, then another 6-8 oz bottle about 4 hours later, then we repeat the oatmeal combo only with veggies and another 6-8oz before bed.  My mom is the one who started the lunch thing, without my knowing.  She about 18.5 lbs and just looks large compared to most babies her age (she was 9lbs at birth).  I am worried the solids thing is moving too quickly, but my mother says feed her if she'll keep eating. I am not sure I agree. 

We have a pedi appoinment on Friday, so I totally intend on bringing this up to him.  I am curious what your solids schedule/quantity is like?

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Re: How much?

  • I don't think that sounds abnormally large considering her birth weight.  My LO was 18.5 lbs at 8 months, but he had IUGR (intra uterine growth restriction, was 3 weeks early and came home from the hospital at 4.75 lbs. 

    As for the solids, my LO is eating things beyond what he should be.  My nanny started this and I thought it was normal since she has been doing this 20 years.  I didn't even realize it until this weekend when I looked at the list from the pedi.  My pedi acted like it was NBD...let him eat what he wants.  My only concern would be making sure she doesn't get a bunch of sugar and will eat all foods.


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    Your LO is getting enough but not too much formula. The food might be more than a lot of 7 month olds but it's really not much. She sounds perfectly healthy to me and I don't really think 18.5 lbs is that big. I wouldn't worry so much as long as she's getting enough formula.

    Your solids schedule sounds pretty similar to what ours was like for DS at that age. He wasn't a very big baby just a good eater. We are much lazier about feeding solids with DD. And by WE I mean ME because DH is pretty good about it. If he's home he will feed her oatmeal in the morning (a couple tablespoons with an ounce or so of formula) and a fruit or veggie (equivalent to a stage 1 tub) at night. On days when he works, I may feed her once. I just make sure she is getting enough formula since she is a little peanut at 14 lbs.

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  • IMHO, i don't think you can really overfeed a baby. i feel like they eat when they are hungry and stop when they're full. my daughter is 7 mos as well and she eats every 2 hours or so, she'll have a 6 oz bottle with a couple oz of solids. she's 22 lbs already! although, the baby right now should only get solids about twice a day, her diet should be mainly formula up until around a year old. :) if you're still concerned, it doesn't hurt to talk to your pedi.
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  • At 7 months old you should keep it this way: 90% milk and 10% solids with a caloric intake of 660 kcal. I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious. It's accurate and useful. You could give it a try! Hope it helps you too!

  • My pedi said a serving is one tbs and that she could eat a tbs veggie and/or tbs fruit and then a tbs of oatmeal twice a day. We don't do that though since we do BLW so DD barely consumes anything though loves sucking the foods and eating. She refused purees as did dd1.

    It sounds like she is eating quite a bit considering milk is still most important at this point, but I don't think it's to the point you should worry. I just wouldn't add any more for awhile. My brother shoveled bowls into my niece, more cereal than I would eat in a sitting, bc she ate it so he assumed she needed it. She is huge, at 1 she was almost as heavy as my 2.5 year old, 28 lbs.

    I don't think bw should really be a factor, both my girls were 9lbs and early but are quite petite and don't eat a ton.

    Your pedi can give guidelines too, though I usually disagree with them when it comes to food :
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  • My DD shares the same birthday.  She is 22 lbs and extremely tall.  Her weight sounds normal to me.  Our pedi says between 24-30 oz of formula and she gets two jars of food right now.  They want her down to 24 oz when she is 9 months. 
  • In terms of quantity, that's basically what my LO eats. Some kids just like eating food, and there IS nutritional value to solids before 1 year. It's OK if your kid doesn't like to eat, but there's no reason to avoid solids at this age if baby wants them. As long as you aren't forcing it, I wouldn't worry. (My DS makes it pretty clear when he's done eating solids - we never try to do airplane or train noises or force it into his mouth. If he's hungry, he will open his mouth and grab for the spoon, and when he's done, he just turns away).

    If your LO is that interested, you might consider trying some other foods, though. You could replace the oatmeal with some whole milk greek yogurt, or consider adding a meat in the evening to your veggies.

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