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rec. your floaty

Going on vacation and need a floaty for DD in the pool. She is 8 months and 19lbs. Would prefer one with shade and is sturdy. I have been looking and a lot of the reviews stink!


Re: rec. your floaty

  • I am looking for something for my DD.  She 7 months and 18.5 lbs and is too small for a lot of the stuff I see in the stores.  I too am looking for the same thing you are.  My parents live on a lake and have a boat, so DD will be spending a lot of time in the water.
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  • Just a suggestion, but you might consider a coast guard approved life jacket instead of a floatie. It won't provide the shade, but most swimming teachers will tell you to avoid floaties because they discourage proper swimming technique by keeping a baby upright in the water. They technically are a drowning hazard as well, because if a child is bumped forward or flipped by accident, the floatie prevents them for righting themselves and the head can get stuck underwater (although that would obviously only happen if a parent weren't close by or paying attention).

    Anyway - hope you find something you are comfortable with, just wanted to let you know the cons because not everyone is aware that they can be problematic. Just something to think about!

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  • This is the one we are considering.... I've been reading a lot of reviews lately and most people seem to really like it. 

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  • My parents have a heated pool, and DS already has a plastic boat with a canopy, an inflatable floatie with canopy, and another float I got for him. He's a little small for the boat, the one with the canopy kinda sucks because the canopy flops around, and I really like the "Mom and Me" one:  He's 6 months and 21 lbs.
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