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BLW - how do u know if its gagging or choking?

Hopefully not too FTM of a question :-)

 I know LO is going to gag a lot with BLW especially...everyone keeps saying to just let them be and they will "work it out" while gagging.  But at what point do you know if they are actually choking and you should do something about it or if they are just gagging and you should sit there until they work it out themselves? 

 Has anyone's LO threw up everywhere while gagging and working it out?

Re: BLW - how do u know if its gagging or choking?

  • True choking is silent.  Gagging is a "good" sign.

    And yes, my LO has gotten so worked up he's spitup.

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  • To add to the pp's post:

    If they turn purple, they're definitely choking, but I think you'd be able to tell before then.

    And yes, DS has thrown up quite a bit when we tried different textures (like puffs). 

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  • DD gagged a ton when we first started table food.  She threw up quite often for several weeks.  She has never actually choked.
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  • DD threw up a total of 3 times after gagging. She has gagged several times, but never choked. Choking is a blocked airway...gagging is trying to get the food up from the back of the throat. That's how I try to remember it.
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  • Agree with all pp. Choking is silent. If they can cough or make any noises they are not choking.

    We have been doing BLW for about six weeks and I had to really fight the urge not to help her or remove food from her mouth. There was a lot of gagging. Now she has gotten so much better and rarely gags as she has figured so much out. I'm also much more relaxed about it.
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