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8-month-old suddenly drinking less milk

Hey ladies - so my 8-month-old, who was previously drinking about 32-37 oz a day of formula, is all of a sudden taking about 8-10 oz less a day. She does get solids but seems to eat such tiny amounts, I can't imagine that it's affecting her that much...? She does have a couple of teeth and I thought maybe it had to do with teething but I've tried giving her advil prior to a feeding and it didn't seem to make a difference.

 Anyone else going through (or went through) something similar? I know they start to take less milk as they approach a year old but I didn't think it would start this early...especially when her solid intake seems so small. 

Re: 8-month-old suddenly drinking less milk

  • How long has this been happening? Is she in a Wonder Week by any chance?  According to the Wonder Week book, making a developmental leap can sometimes cause babies to eat and sleep less, so it could just be that.  However, if it goes on for longer than you're comfortable with/she seems unhappy I would talk to your pediatrician...

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  • EmsyKEmsyK member

    My Lo did the same thing.  Apparently once they are taking at least 24 oz at this stage it's fine.  My Lo was taking appox 30 oz a day over 4 bottles and all of a sudden would only take half of his second and third bottle each so i combined them to just one feed.  He is now on three milk feeds a day and takes in anywhere from 24-27 oz.  He also has three meals and an ounce of two of water with them if he gets protein.

    As far as i know this is normal.  I don't think it has anything to do with teething.

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  • cece673cece673 member
    Ok, that makes me feel better, thanks guys! As for the WW, I actually checked on that and she IS in one (week 36, which is supposed to be "stormy") so maybe that has something to do with it. It's been going on for a little over a week. Her sleep has been OK, but that seems to remain unaffected by other things generally (KNOCK ON WOOD).
  • DD just dropped by a few ounces a day as well, although she was never drinking as much as your baby. I think it's fine, as long as she seems content.

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  • I really suggest that if it's going to last for long you see your pedi, or try to give more solids, different ones so she could choose what she likes. I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious. It's accurate and useful. You could give it a try! Hope it helps you too!

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