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DCUM = snarkiest place ever?

When I first found DCUM, I was excited because it's local and way more active than our area board here, but I've quickly realized very few posters are interested in actually answering questions/giving advice. At least 75% of the replies are just snark and rudeness and because of the anonymous factor, you can't even flag people who are obvious trolls. Ufg, I'm so done. 
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Re: DCUM = snarkiest place ever?

  • ejb23ejb23
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    I agree...I'm also just confused in general by it because I can't ever find where I posted a question to see if people responded!


    -My step-daughter is 12 years old.

    -BFP #1 on 9/2/12, D&C 10/18/12 no heartbeat on US @ 10 weeks.

    -BFP #2 on 1/7/13, R was born on 9/22/13 via C-Section

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  • what is dcum? 
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  • DCUM = DC Urban Moms

    It's a weblog with several forums but no login is required and most posts are anonymous, which makes for an odd dynamic. Occasionally, you can get useful info but even a sincere question will usually get you 50-70% attitude.  

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  • Yes!! It is horrible and mean.
  • Absolutely agree!  I tried to do some research into nannies on that board when we were moving to the DC area and basically ran away horrified. Mean seems to be the theme over there. It's a strange, strange place.
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