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BD, the mega douche

I finally went to the doc on saturday to get the second STD test. In a fit of anger and spite, I shot BD a text message saying that I had to do it because he rode the town bicycle before leaving. I also told him to never try to contact me again and as for seeing each other face to face and talking, that will never happen. He responded using the word "mortified" correctly, which was a huge surprise and a big word for him, but he did not deny cheating like he had in the past and also did not apologize. I then told him the hospital has his picture on file so that if he bothered to come out, he'd be removed from the premises. He then asked if he needed to sign away his rights and I told him he wouldn't be on the birth certificate so he wouldn't even have rights. No response. Fine. Goodbye!!

His mom messaged me later telling me that he told her that he wanted her to tell me that he hadn't tried to contact me but he did hope I was doing well. She made it sound like he cared so much about what was going on while to me he clearly did not care. I did not tell her how I was doing but I did say that, yes, I did text him. And he made it clear that he was a huge douchebag. She hasn't responded to me.

BD's mom and I had a pretty solid relationship until our vacation to DC. I found out that she thinks I ruined the vacation because she had to push me in a wheelchair because I'm pregnant and can't walk as far as she can. Seriously. I can't wait for her to *** move far away already. I won't have to hear about her shitty douchebag son, or his insecure psychotic girlfriend, which I don't want to talk about ever. I'm over that shitty situation and will move on with my new life, taking care of a beautiful daughter that he will never know.

Ugh, end rant. ** that guy and his mother. For real, end of rant.
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Re: BD, the mega douche

  • Good luck, girl! Sounds like you are better off. I wish my husband would offer to sign his rights over, sure would help me to rest easier. : Its also rare to have a solid relationship with your mil, but their precious little baby boys do no wrong so it never lasts very long. Keep your chin up.
  • Just because they're family doesn't mean they're always worth putting in your child's life, that's for sure. And anyone who is against you in your decisions with a baby is against your mothering, therefor shouldn't be a part of it anyway.
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  • Yeah, BD always talked about marriage with me, but we (THANK GOD) never even got engaged.  So, his mom, who thinks she has every right in the world to help parent, somehow has the idea in her head that she can tell me what is right to do and what isn't.  It's like "sorry your son is a complete and utter piece of ***, but if you really think hard about it, YOU were his parent and look how he turned out."

    I think she's noticed that I've pulled away a little bit and now she's struggling to get closer.  I understand why, but at the same time, she needs to realize that legally I don't have to play nice with her.  If she continues to act like a smothering jerk, I'll just cut contact.  BD doesn't want anything to do with his daughter, his brother doesn't want to recognize her as his niece, BD's dad is afraid to confront the subject because that brings up his mortality, the only one who is trying to control the situation is BD's mom. Who I kind of want to punch in the face. 

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