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recs for popsicle molds?

I want to try making my own popsicles this summer- fruit, or maybe yogurt or pudding pops...but want them to be a smaller size appropriate for kids. I saw a ton on amazon but hard to figure out what is what. The '#1 seller' mold looked like it makes huge pops.

any recs? (or tips or recipes?)

Re: recs for popsicle molds?

  • ss+elss+el member

    When we were kids, my mom made us jello pops with bathroom-sized (5oz?) Dixie cups.


    Edit - nope, make that 3oz :)

  • I have some hand-me-down Tupperware molds that are perfect kid size. They have animal faces in each mold, but otherwise I don't know what they're called or if they're still sold. The regular sized Tupperware popsicle molds are also great and not overly large (also hand-me-downs, but I'd imagine they still sell those).
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