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what did you or do you look for in a preschool?

DS just turned 2 but in our city we're already having to look into it so i can get on waitlists...

just wonder what you looked for when you chose your preschool!


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Re: what did you or do you look for in a preschool?

  • I knew I wanted mornings, an easy drive (traffic here is insane), Co-op, and play-based.  I asked about teacher retention- can't be great for kids if it isn't great for the teachers).  I wanted nut-free and to pack my kids' snacks.  And I wanted a shaded playground because they are very fair and have sensitive eyes.  The last wasn't a deal breaker but was a godsend- we spend a lot of time on the playground- picnicking lunch after school when it is nice enough.  I wanted a smaller class-size, too. 
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    My kids did a preschool that was part of their daycare center and it was full time but we moved them to an Emilio Reggio inspired PreK that was amazing.  I loved that it was located at the elementary school that the girls would be at.  The majority of the kids stay at this school for kindy+, the kids have 4th grade reading buddies, they use the school things like the gym and the big playground (not right though, they have their own area until the kids know the rules and such).  I LOVE that the program is  so child focused yet they still work on all the basics plus so much.  They spend tons and tons of time on the social side - its not just learning letters and numbers but its how to get along with your peers, how to act in certain situations.  If the kids are interested in the ocean, they work on all things related to the ocean - they make the dramatic play area focused on things the kids are interested in.  The kids lead the themes but the teachers have a whole routine and structure and it really works wonderfully.  The lead teacher has been at the program for 15 or so years, the school is 11% behind this program and the principal knows every child by name and who has a sibling in the school already and stuff like that.  Warm fuzzies the second you walk into the room.  The kids come home happy, tired and messy and you can tell they had a great day.  Very well rounded program and my kids walk into kindy totally ready in many, many ways.
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    DS started at 3 years old.  I looked at the curriculum, the number of students in the school and class, what type of after school care program was available, the distance from home and work, the demeanor of the teachers, the menu, their security procedures, and the condition of the facilities.

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