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Independent (supervised) play

How long does your LO play by themselves? I'm pretty sure that mine would play for hours by himself given the opportunity (I don't). I'm just not sure what an appropriate timeframe for this would be. He seems to explore more if I'm not interacting with him but I don't want to leave him for too long. I just don't know what "too long" is. What do you do?
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Re: Independent (supervised) play

  • DS played for hours by himself and still does...this is a good thing! We know so many older kids who need constant entertaining!  I would leave him be but maybe join him in what he's doing here and there.  I let DD entertain herself for as long as she'll go but its never long like DS!
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  • Someone once told me its a sign of genius :) 
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  • Mine will typically go for about thirty seconds these days, so I suggest you take advantage of it. Might not last forever!
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    Take advantage of this. :) DD is a needy baby and rarely wants to play by herself. Sometimes, she surprises me and will be fine playing on the floor/in her PNP with her toys for 30 minutes or so but that's as good as it gets. I don't know what too long would be but it seems to me if they are happy it's fine as long as they are fed and changed.

  • I have left the girls playing in their PNP for up to two hours before. I don't leave them that long all the time, but I find that if I fuss with them too much, they sort of get irritated. For me, it's better if I just let them play on their own. Yes! Take advantage of it!  


  • So jealous! DS can't play by himself even for a minute.
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  • my baby can go for hours! i'm lucky that she is so great at independent play, it lets me cook and clean! 
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