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My LO just had her 6 month appointment where the pedi said that she should already be having solids 3 times per day.  I was under the impression that you started with a little bit and then increase to 3 times per day.  The pedi suggested yogurt/fruit for breakfast, veggie for lunch, and cereal/crackers for dinner to help with the reflux.

My DD was taking 6 oz. of pumped milk 4 times per day.  She has recently added an occasional MOTN bottle so sometimes it is 30 oz. per day.  (I believe she might be in her 6 month growth spurt now). I am recently getting over a cold where my supply went from 30 oz. per day down to 26 oz.  Should I be feeding extra solids to make a drastic jump to 3 times per day from 1 and just keep her breast milk at 24 oz?  Or should I feed extra milk and try to squeeze in solids where I can?

At 6 months what is a good BM ratio to solid foods?  And how much solids should one meal be?

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  • Our pedi and all of the information I have read states to offer BM/formula first then solids.

    From what I understand, they really don't need anything other than BM/formula until the one year mark since it contains all the nutrition they need.

    We started with one tablespoon of solids once a day. 

    We tried oatmeal but it did nothing to help with reflux :(.

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  • I always started out with 1 tablespoon a day of solids, and then increased it after a month or so, maybe longer. Solids shouldn't be a main source of dietary value this young, not until after a year ideally. And especially if you are just starting out, that many different foods in a day is probably not a good idea. I think it's strange a pedi would recommend any of that.

    I also have always been told to offer solids AFTER a feeding, so they don't fill themselves up on the solids. Most of their nutritional value is from the BM, as it should be.

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  • Our Pedi said to offer solids at first between the two feedings that she seems the least satisfied between.  We started at dinner time because she always seemed so hungry at night.  We now nurse at 4, 5:30 do solids at 6:15 and then she nurses again at 7:30 and goes to bed for the night.  I make my own food so I started with just one cube of food and increased to 2-3 and just stop when she seems satisfied.  She still nurses exactly the same and hasn't decreased her nursing at all, just seems more satisfied in general.  We also do lunch now too and she gets a fruit and veggie at lunch time.  I would say pick a time that she generally seems pretty hungry even after nursing and then offer solids about 30-45 min after that nursing session and just let her guide how much she wants to eat and increase/decrease based on her want.  :-)  Good luck.  Solid feeding time is now one of my favorite times - my LO LOVES food!
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  • For a 6 months old baby it is recommended to keep it this way: 95% milk and 5% solids, with a caloric intake of 625 kcal. So, keep the solids just as an experiment.

    You should start solids when LO is ready for them. So, follow baby's cues of readiness for solids, and if baby is ready go for it. We started at 6 months but my LO wasn't really interested in solids.

    Now I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious. It's kind of useful. 

  • My son breastfeeds first thing in the morning and last thing at night (on work days). He gets 4-6 bottles during the day.  We've been giving him 1 serving of cereal and 1 serving of veggies most days.  We'll probably stick with this routine for awhile yet.
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