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Switching to Northside - OB Recs?

I'd like to switch my care from Emory to Northiside for this pregnancy. Dr. Sun came as a recommendation from many friends, but she's not accepting new patients.


I'm coming from the southeast side of the city, so preferably someone not in Marietta or all the way up in Alpharetta. Oh, and I'll also be having a scheduled c-section, so someone with good suturing skills would be a appreciated :)



Re: Switching to Northside - OB Recs?

  • Atlanta Women's Specialist. I love Dr. Jeffers but I know many friends who are with the practice and each love a different dr. I think my friend had her c-section done by Dr. Dawson and barely has a scar. They're right by Northside. 
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    If I had to have a scheduled c-section, I would go to Dr. Bootstaylor who delivers at Atlanta Medical Center (although I think his office is at Emory Midtown).  He does family-centered sections (ability to do skin-to-skin and breastfeed while still in the OR).  I don't know what your situation is, but if you have any desire to attempt a vaginal birth, I highly recommend Dr. Tate who is in solo private practice but delivers at Emory.  I had a VBAC with him 7 weeks ago and my recovery from a somewhat complicated vaginal delivery has been much easier than my straight-forward scheduled c-section. 

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    I went to Atlanta women specialists as well. I love Dr. Dawson, Jeffers, Angus but Dr. Johnson did all 3 of my c-sections. I have a very minimal scar and very easy recoveries. The nurse told me when I was pregnancy with DS2 that people that have to have c-sections actually transfer to Dr. Johnson b/c she's such a great surgeon. I will say at first I was a little scared of her b/c I had been warned her bedside matters were not very warm and fuzzy. I think she's fine and she did everything when I went into labor with DS1 to let me have a vaginal birth but it just wasn't in the cards for me. 
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  • Dr. Parker at OBGYN of Atlanta did both of my c-sections. I felt very comfortable with her. I also really like Dr. Bassil. Actually, I like most of them :) They are located right near Northside Hospital.


  • Atlanta Womens Specialists are just awesome.  My favorite is Dr. Dawson, though I adore Jeffers.  Dr. Johnson did my c-section with DD#2 and did a great job.  I can't speak highly enough of them.
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  • I go to Roswell Ob/Gyn and love all of their Dr's. They have a location that is a stones throw from Northside Hospital. 

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  • Awesome, thanks for the recs ladies! I also had some people recommend Dr. Dawson on another forum. Luckily, he is accepting new patients and I was able to get an appoinment.
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