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So unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have noticed that Target recently came to Canada. They finally opened a few stores here in Calgary just last week.

Something I've noticed is that a TON of my friends (mostly people on FB) were really disappointed by it! I personally didn't think it was going to be any different than Walmart or Zellers with the exception of a difference in clothing styles or home decor - which I LOVE Target for - but overall really did not think the price would be different.

Someone I know was even disappointed that there wasn't a "food court" with Pizza Hut and popcorn and whatnot like the ones they've been to in the States, to which I am also not surprised that stand alone stores do not have. The one closest to me is stand alone and near a ton of restaurants already, and the other two that opened the same day are each in a major shopping mall. The only US Target I've ever been to didn't have anything extra in it either!

For those of you that are relatively close to one of the new Target Canadas, what did you think? Lover? Hater? Somewhere in between? If you've been to Target in the US did you even notice a difference? 

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    I went to two of them in the GTA last month. I loved them. Plus the maternity clothes section rocked!!

    I thought they were pretty dead on with the few Targets I have been to in the states.

  • They are still renovating the store in my city, but I think it's scheduled to open some time in the fall. I can't wait!
  • I've never been to one in the States, but was a bit disappointed when the one here opened. I wasn't expecting much, but I also wasn't expecting it to be so similar to Zellers. Meh, just another low end department store...
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  • The one I went to a few weeks ago in Lindsay, ON had a starbucks in it.  I thought that was completely torturous when you check out and smell that coffee!  I got a decaf mocha latte immediately afterwards :P

    The maternity section was great.  I didn't see much of a difference between the Targets I've been to in the states, apart from the pizza food court thing on teh way out.  But I prefer starbucks :P
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