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Move to Portland???

My husband and I are TTC and live in Rock Springs, WY. I'm a city girl who love's nature too. My biggest concern though is what are the people like in Oregon. I've heard good things/bad things. Some love it/hate it. I just want to know what the general feel is. Is it easy to make friends? Do they have good work ethic? (the one's that are working that is) My current town is filled with unfriendly, terrible drivers, nothing to do, and a high turnover rate b/c the people that have jobs don't care about them. Any advice ladies?


Re: Move to Portland???

  • I have lived in Oregon for about 18 years now and I love it. I can't think of another state I would rather live in. The people will honestly depend on what area you plan on moving to (downtown, suburbs, west side etc). I personally live in the Beaverton area which is west of Portland by about 20 minutes and it is quite nice. I also recently joined a Beaverton Mom's group thru facebook. The moms plan events and get together frequently which I think would be nice for some one new to the area.

    In the outskirts of Portland there are some more "hippie" type towns where people are quite friendly and very big on being eco-friendly, organic etc. 

    As for terrible will find those everywhere. Although there was a survey a year or two ago that said Portland was like number 3 on the list for friendliest drivers. 

  • We moved here five years ago and love it.  It's a great place to have kids because there is a ton to do.  We have made many friends and feel very included in the community.  If you can find jobs and make it possible to move here financially, then go for it.  If it doesn't work out, you can always go elsewhere.  
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  • Thanx alot girlies! This information helps alot.

  • I have lived all over the States and keep coming back here. It's a great place to live and there are lots of small communities just outside Portland.
  • there are nice people and mean people just like everywhere. Do you like rain? if so you will love it here it rains alot
  • I love the rain. I'm sick of living in this dried up place. I want to live somewhere that's so green you can taste it. I like that Portland seems pretty dog friendly. I have 2 that are sweethearts.

  • imagedeziniki:
    I love Portland and am also TTC, I am just usually over on the TTGP page because this page doesn't get many TTC posts. I think everyone else said it well. This is a great city, but it is a bad idea for most professions to move here without a solid job prospect.

    Yeah, me and hubby don't plan on coming out if there isn't a job lined up for him first. His district manager said he'd help him out though. So we'll just have to wait and see. It's still another 6-7 months down the road.

  • My husband and I moved to Oregon (from San Diego, though we are originally from Indiana) about 2.5 years ago. WE LOVED IT so much! It's the best place we've ever lived. There's a lot to do. The people are very down to earth (as compared to Cali) and they are very focused on health and fitness (which I really enjoy). 


    It's a big city, so there's obviously a ton to do and I feel like there's something to suit almost any taste. We live in the suburbs in a sweet, family neighborhood (SE). I highly recommend Portland. We plan to be here for many, many years to come! :) 

  • My husband and I just moved here from Virginia (we live just inside Beaverton from Hillsboro).  We are former Navy.  We just got out after a six year service.  I am finding it hard to make friends here.  A lot of it has to do with being pregnant and feeling quite vulnerable.  Not to mention I am used to a set network for making friends and no longer have that. For me it isn't so much making friends here is harder, as I don't know it would be per say any easier anywhere else.  It is an adjustment from military life to civilian life.  I will say I have not really made friends here and have found it difficult.  Moving to a strange area where it isn't heavily a military town is an adjustment and has made me feel vulnerable not to mention being pregnant in a new place, state and a whole other side of the country.  We have been here about a little over a month now.  I am looking to make some friends here and to find some support as a new expectant mother.
  • I will say the area is beautiful though and the beaches are not that far away. I am sure there is plenty of great things to do here just right now I am limited and can't do about half to three quarters of the things I would love to be out doing.  What I like about OR is you can have city life and not feel like you are in the city.  Many beautiful tree lines that hide away building views from different roads etc.  I have found the MAJORITY of OR drivers to be so friendly and courteous.  There are some who are terrible drivers, others who are rude (compared to your typical OR standard driver).  The only real huge issue I am having here is the POT in OR.  We plan to rent our first year here and then hope to buy next year.  However our neighbors are pot smokers and it gets into our place every time!  Which stinks!  I am not a fan of pot, its smell and don't care to be exposed to it or have my family exposed to it.  Not to mention it makes me very sick when the smell comes into our place.  It is a balancing act.  I overall from the little time I have been here have liked it here.  I think what hold me back is the lack of friends and support network here for me.  I have found plenty of people here to be quite friendly and polite and when they find out we just recently moved here they welcome us.  It is quite different than the East Coast.  I also don't think it helped that we moved and drove across country at the beginning of our third trimester making this move all that more stressful.  As I am scrambling to find doctors and classes and get unpacked and set up etc.  Not to mention the Navy wont' get our household good here until after I give birth. I think anyone would enjoy living here I can't think of a friendlier place to move to.  Other than GA is a close second, however it is so blazing hot there you could not pay me enough money to go back.

  • In answer to your question about dogs.  I have found OR to be very dog friendly.  Just been my experience with our 1.5 yr old springer :D
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