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telling family?

How did you all tell your family you were about to be a single mother? My situation is a little funky, I posted about it a while ago.

Just a refresher: I was in a very abusive marriage and ran away from XH (he was a military guy). We've been separated for 1 year and I have no idea where he is. During that time I met someone and got pregnant. I'm still with new guy and because of everything that has happened, I don't know how to tell my family. Advice?

Also, I don't talk to most of my family because they are very toxic people. I pretty much just need to know how to tell my immediate family (grandparents included). Thanks!

Re: telling family?

  • tracy41tracy41 member
    My only advice is to wait until you feel ready to deal with any reaction they might have and then be straight forward about it.

    I made the mistake of telling my mom while I was still in shock and it was more awkward than it needed to be. Good luck.
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