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NBR: Toyota RAV4...anyone have one?

I am thinking about getting a RAV4 and wanted to know if anyone has one and what they think of it? Good Gas Mileage? Drive Good? TIA :)

Re: NBR: Toyota RAV4...anyone have one?

  • We have one and love it! Great gas mileage, very comfertable and lots of space.
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    I don't have one but I recently helped my mother buy a new car and that is what she ended up getting.  She loves it!
  • I had a Honda CRV and loved it! Now I have Toyota Prius. I love both of them! So a Toyota Rav4 is a good choice for sure!

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  • I have one and I LOVE It. Drives great and has lots of good storage spots. In fact I have had mine 2 yrs and discovered another lil storage area in my trunk recently lol Gas mileage is also good and being a tiny person there is minimal blindspots which I love (I had a mazda CX7, which drove nice but gas mileage SUCKED BAD and blindspots were AWFUL)

    Also my Best friend works for Toyota Service dep for 3 yrs now and said that the Rav4 is their LEAST serviced model (not counting oil changes an stuff) Even older ones rarely have problems, so they are super reliable! 

    I say go for it. totally worth the investment. 

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