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Please vote NO on 26-151

Take the time to read your voters pamphlet and educate yourself on measure 26-151. You will find that voting yes to fluoride is not a good choice and it's unreasonable to add chemicals to our water supply when so many people are opposed to it, and for a good reason.

Please go to:


and read the testimonies against the fluoridation of water.

There is a reason we don't fluoridate our water, It is dangerous to us and our little ones health!


Solution: use good dental hygiene; brush often and pass on good dental hygiene practices to your children. It can cost you only $4, go to the Dollars Store to get a toothbrush, toothpaste (preferably non-fluoridated for your little ones), floss and mouthwash,  and keep your teeth healthy.

Don't make the wrong choice, VOTE NO ON 26-151, PLEASE!!!

Re: Please vote NO on 26-151

  • iadanzaiadanza member
    You do realize that Portland is the only major city in the US to NOT add fluoride to their water and there are probably a couple babies and pregnant women in all those other cities.... Right?

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  • meloschmelosch member

    You do realize that Portland is the only major city in the US to NOT add fluoride to their water and there are probably a couple babies and pregnant women in all those other cities.... Right?

    and your point is?

    everyone is jumping off a bridge, so it must be safe?

    I am proud to live in a city that takes an active role to determine what is safe and healthy for the population and the environment. We don't assume that because it's been done before that it must be safe when no proper longterm effects research has ever been done on the effects of fluoridated water.

    Since moving to Portland my autoimmune thyroid issues have significantly improved. While I can attribute much of that to a gluten free diet, I can't help but think that for the first time I am not drinking fluoridated water and maybe that has something to do with it. And now that I'm pregnant and my child may be predisposed for the same genetic condition, the importance that we keep fluoride out of water supply is that much more important. 

    Fluoride isn't something I can filter out with a Brita. My only options to avoid are either buy bottled spring water ($$$), buy and install a $2k+ reverse osmosis filtration system that wastes 2.5 gallons of water for every 1 gallon that's drinkable or move outside of portland to a house with well water OR a community that doesn't purchase water from Portland.

    What I find most entertaining is the folks who say that the rich, white yuppies that are all opposing the measure and gentrifying our neighborhoods don't care about the poor minorities who are really the ones who will suffer without fluoridated water. Healthy Kids Healthy Portland's whole campaign basis is to help these poor children - but when you look at the latest polls, 91% of latinos, and 85% of asians and 85% of blacks ALL OPPOSE the measure along with the NAACP. Really, they are playing off of racial guilt, rather than really looking at what the communities really want! So what, you're saying YOU know better than the communities that you are trying to "save"?

    I don't think fluoride is mind control. I don't think that anyone who is advocating it being in our water believes it's harmful in anyway. But I do think that there are enough red flags (endocrine disrupter, only effective topically, we see fluorosis - what can't we see?, where the fluoride used comes from - fertilizer industry by-product, it's an Rx medication not a sanitizing agent, can't control/track the "dosage" person to person) that the risks outweigh the benefit. Put a measure on the ballot to provide topical fluoride treatments in schools 2x a year on the ballot and I will gladly check 'yes' - but not in our water supply. 

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  • Amen sister!  I would take the very very tiny risk of fluoride any day. Vote Yes!
  • There is a reason that so much of this country adds fluoride to their water.  Because otherwise people don't get enough of it!  It is there as a benefit.  I think it is more beneficial than detrimental or harmful/scary.  I would vote yes to this!  I moved here from a place where we have fluoride in our water and have lived in places where fluoride is in the water.  Just as I have lived in places where it is not and let me tell you I notice a difference it is more of a benefit.  Not everyone likes the idea of fluoride in the water and that is their opinion and their right to that opinion.  It just isn't my opinion and we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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