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P/u hubby 1-2 weeks postpartum

Can anyone speak to picking up husband after a deployment with a brand new baby and a toddler (19/mo)?  What was your experience like? :)

I was just sitting here thinking....

What will I wear that will be the most flattering for a size 12 (14?) or so postpartum figure?

I will be so sleep deprived but obviously excited....but I expect it will still be a little crazy with a toddler (if I bring her) and one teeny baby. 

Tips, stories, and advice appreciated! :) 


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Re: P/u hubby 1-2 weeks postpartum

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    My H had R&R a week after our second was born, and I have zero memory of what I wore.  Something comfortable, I'm sure.  I'd bring the baby (you'll have to at that age) but leave your toddler with a family member or sitter to decrease the stress for you and your H.  
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  • Leaving the toddler with someone would probably be a good idea - I left DS (8mo) with my parents when DH came back from deployment. I flew up to meet him in another city, so we ended up witha  weekend to ourselves since his plane was delayed. It allowed him a bit of time to relax before jumping back into fatherhood. (DS was less than a month old when he left.)

    Also in support of leaving your toddler with someone - DS (age 19 mo) just got really fidgety when we went to pick up DH after he was gone for a couple of months. And then all we did was walk back to the car and go home because it was after DS's bedtime. Well....we stopped for dinner on the way home, but it was after DS's bedtime, so it made for a stressful evening, and then the next day was stressful, too, because DS was cranky from staying up late.

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  • My LO was 3 months old so I had a little more time but I was in a size 12/14 anyway because by that point I was just healed enough to start working out (somewhat traumatic v. delivery). Luckily for me it was November so I was covered in layers!

    He's REALLY not going to care what you look like... seriously, googly eyes at baby. That is all you'll get... maybe a kiss. Haha my DH was so smitten with his daughter that I think he gave me a quick peck on the lips and we practically ran to the car so we could get home so he could get the chemical-y uniform off and snuggle his girl.

    I would suggest if you're uncomfortable with your body wear a empire waist dress, spanx if you have them, or even a tunic and leggings (legging work like spanx if you buy them in the right size).

    Definitely bring your toddler with you!! No one should miss daddy's return. At DH's last homecoming they had snacks and a bouncy castle for the LOs to keep them busy while we waited through all the delays on the flight's landing, they flew right into our base.

    I didn't sleep at ALL the night before, I was too excited to introduce DH to his new baby girl. We got there early so we could park not far away (they had pregnant parking way up front but no new-mom parking) some families ended up walking near a mile to get to their cars! Check to find out where parking is if your pickup is on base.

    Pack extra bottles!! Like lots of extra bottles. I ended up going through 2 bottles because I dropped one on the hangar floor where we were waiting.

    And I have to tell you. I cried on the way over. I cried at the giant blaring sound that meant the hangar doors were opening and when they said the plane was about to land. I did not cry when I saw him. I just felt a melting sense of relief that he was home, that he was really here, and that he finally got to hold his baby.


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