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Just found out...

We just found out on Tuesday that I am pregnant and it is VERY early like only 4 weeks. I am so excited and I want to tell everyone, but DH and I decided to wait until after my 2nd appt. on June 5th that seems so far away!!!
So, my question is, I haven't been experiencing morning sickness, but I have been pretty crampy no spotting I keep reading that it's normal, but is it? I don't have my 1st appt. till 5/23 and I feel like I have all of these questions!
Thanks for the help ahead of time!

Re: Just found out...

  • Congrats!

    It is normal to feel some cramping in the beginning as the little guy attaches and gets settled- I believe. 4 weeks in seems so long ago lol! enjoy it its going to go by really fast.

  • Thanks! Ginger ale seems to settle what queasiness I am experiencing should I be drinking diet or regular? I bought regular thinking that the artificial sweeteners are no good, but now I am not so sure...
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  • I would say its a toss-up. You dont want to load on too many extra and empty calories, but you also dont want to consume tons of artificial sweetners. Most artificial sweetners are fine during pregnancy- just dont go overboard on them. Check out the web, like whattoexpect.com, or with your doctor for a list of what is safe and whats not.

    personally, I just drink the diet stuff on the occasion that I do drink soda. It is not very often or ever in large amounts, so im not too worried.

  • Thankyou again!
  • I'm 19 weeks pregnant and never had morning sickness so hopefully you are going to be lucky like me :)  Remember your uterus and everything is starting to prepare for the baby so the crampy pains are normal and trust me, you'll have worse pains further down the road so try not to freak yourself out which I know is not easy. Just have faith that everything will be fine :) Good luck!!
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