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Anyone do Moms on the Run???

Curious if anyone here has done Moms on the Run?  Thoughts on the program? how did/do you like it?  

Re: Anyone do Moms on the Run???

  • I'm heavily involved in my local chapter of Moms Run this Town, which is like Moms on the Run, only free. I LOVE IT. I've found so much motivation and new-found friendships with the other moms in my group. It's been so wonderful for me to be a part of.

    There's several local chapters all over the Twin Cities area. You should check them out as there's no fee to participate, but there is big fees for Moms on the Run.

    I'm a part of the Champlin/Maple Grove Moms Run This Town chapter. On the main site there's a link to find the nearest chapter by you.



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  • Thanks!  I will check them out.  
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  • Hi there,

     I actually own two moms on the run franchises in the twin cities and I think they're awesome.  So much so that I moved from coaching to owning because I believe in them so much.

    The moms on the run is so much more than just a membership, we offer discounts to some big name races, we have monthly ladies nights, and we offer support and accountability if those are some of the things you are looking for in a program.  We also offer not just running but interval training/strength training for 5k, 10k and half marathons.  The cost of the program is minimal when you consider its an 18-week program, twice a week, and all that you get for your enrollment.  Plus most if not all locations offer discounts for things like returning members, military families, and scholarship programs.  FWIW the cost of the program is $239 for the whole season which is less than $10 a class, but now that the season is in motion most locations are pro-rating enrollment so its less now.


    If you'd like more info just pm me.

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