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Anyone TTC in NH?

Hi I am new to this have been TTC since 3/2013. Today is Cycle 2 CD 14 no ovulation yet using opks and they are getting darker but not pos. Is there anyone else TTC in NH? I am in the seacoast and DH doesn't want to tell anyone we are TTC. Have questions and no one to ask.
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Re: Anyone TTC in NH?

  • You may want to check out the TTC boards on here. Or check in with your provider to see if their practice, or anyone in the area, offers groups for those TTC.

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  • Hi!  I am in NH and TTC (now pregnant!) for the last 3 years and before I had my son, who is now 4, we were TTC 2 year prior.

    I used Fertility Centers of New England, they have an office in Portsmouth (i'm near Bedford)

    Good Luck!!!

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  • There is a Yoga for Fertility class at ChildLight Yoga in Dover.  Good luck!  

  • The OPKs can be a bit iffy...  I found myself testing 2-4 times per day the first couple cycles to find "my time".  My RE said that first morning urine wasn't good because the LH surge rises during the day.  I had tried the CVS brand for one month and found they were horrible.

    Best of luck!!!

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