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Potty Training

switching from pull ups to underwear

DD has pretty much been potty training herself. We have let her take the lead on most of it. She showed interest in the potty, so we went with it.

She will be 2 in about a month. She is in pull ups right now. When we are at home, she typically only will pee about once or twice a day in her pull up, the rest of the time, it's in the potty. Most of the time for naps/night she wakes up dry but not always. When we are out and about though, she is not so good about using public bathrooms - I think the flushing sound freaks her out.

Lately, she's been complaining that her pull up is bugging her, but I am not really sure what specifically about it bugs her. 

So my question is, when do I switch her to underwear? Should I do it for a few hours over a weekend when we are going to be home? Or should I do it cold turkey? Or just wait longer until she can go all day consistently without peeing in her pull up? 

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