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I will be delivering there, as I did 5 years ago but am getting nervous about the reviews.  Love my OB and I had no issues then but wondering if things had changed?

also - has anyone had any experience with their private rooms? 


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  • I just transferred to a doc there because out of my 7 friends in Bk/NYC that delivered in the last 14 months, St. Luke's was the only place people recommended. I haven't taken the tour yet, but if my super picky friend liked it, I think I will.
  • I haven't toured yet. But i didn't like their treatment since day one. I'm switching hospitals. It doesn't seem like anyone cares enough for me. My OB was horrible (Dr. Brenda Brath. w/e)
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    After reading numerous reviews I, like you, was really worried about giving birth at SLR.  My worries increased after I took the hospital tour about three weeks before my due date.  There was just something about the hospital that depressed me.  I grew up in an area with really nice hospitals and SLR just seemed run down.   Being that I love my OB and I was so far along I couldn't even consider changing hospitals.  

    I gave birth in Mach and had a great experience.  The staff was extremely nice, competent and responsive.  I ended up in a shared room with no roommate.  When I asked if I would be getting one my nurse replied "do you want one."  Of course I said no, and ended up having the room to myself.

    After my experience here are my thoughts:


    1.  At $900 a night, I don't think a private room is worth it unless you have a c-section.  If you have a c-section you will probably want your significant other to stay overnight with you to help.  

    2.  The food is pretty bad but DH went out to get my food at each meal.  If food is important, you might want to do the same or opt for the private room.  But there is no guarantee the food is too much better (private chef or not).

    3.  No matter what room you opt for bring disinfectant wipes.  In my opinion the bathrooms are not well maintained.  They just struck me as dingy  and they were only cleaned once a day.  I feel like they should be cleaned much more considering the amount of blood involved.  Also bring shower shoes.  The shower curtains didn't reach the floor so the bathroom floods every time you shower.  Water was everywhere.

    4.  I think a lot of the bad experiences are from women who had c-sections.  All of my friends who had c-sections had bad experiences whereas all of my friends who gave birth vaginally had pleasant ones.  I think more post partum assistance is needed and maybe the staff falls short of mom's expectations.

    5.  They provide you with diapers, pads, disposable underwear, squirt bottles, socks and witch hazel soaked pads/cotton swabby things.  Blankets and a hat for the baby.  Everything else you want you will have to bring (e.g. I was shocked there were no pacifiers, but a nurse was able to find me a package).

     That's all I can think of for now.  If you have any additional questions feel free to send me a msg. 


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  • This is so helpful, thanks!!
  • My wife delivered at SLR. Similar to a previous reply, I would only recommend a private room if you have a c-section. The night nursing staff was horrible, but the daytime nursing staff was wonderful.

     We are expecting our second child and are wondering if we will use them again. 

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