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Cute Bedtime Story

I went to the church craft night and left Patrick home with DH.  I wasn't sure how it would be at home as Patrick cried alot when I left.  He didn't take a nap today as well which most likely lead in part to the crying fit he had.

When it was bedtime Patrick picked out a book to read, "Llama Llama Misses Mama."  In it a little Llama goes to preschool for the first time and misses his mama.  At one point, during lunch, the little Llama starts to cry.  DH reads it and when they got to the part where the little Llama is missing his mama and cries Patrick pointed at the picture and then made a sad face and pointed to him-self.  DH asked if he was sad that mama was gone like the llama and Patrick nodded.
That is all, just wanted to share. 

Re: Cute Bedtime Story

  • Aww, that is so sweet. It breaks my heart when my LO cries for me, but I know its good for the both of us. Hope you had fun at craft night, it sounds fun!

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  • Joshua cries when either of us leaves the house but is perfectly content to be dropped off at a grandparents house.


    I need to get that book - I think Joshua is starting to notice my going out of town more.  I usually leave before he gets up in the mornings on the days I leave so he does not see me leave.  I know it is going to kill me when he starts asking me not to travel.



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