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Any Westchester moms thinking of doing a nanny share?

I'm due in Sept and would likely want to start in Oct or Nov. I haven't found any great sites for Westchester families, just NYC. Recommendations?
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Re: Any Westchester moms thinking of doing a nanny share?

  • I can't see the whole post because i'm on my phone, what ate you looking for?
  • We are very interested in a nanny share with another family reasonably close by (we live in Fleetwood, so I was thinking Bronxville/Yonkers/Tuckahoe maybe New Rochelle... maybe somewhere else?). I can't seem to find any good local resources. There are nanny share sites for NYC, but no good ones for Westchester that I've found.
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  • Hi fellow NY bumps,

    I live in Pelham and would be interested in the idea of a Nanny share.  I am not due until October though and would plan on returning to work in January sometime.  If anyone is interested please let me know!  


  • We should talk! I will send you a PM.
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  • i'm in new rochelle and not due until the beginning of next year. I'm not sure which way we would go, my husband my stay home - we may do a day care, but i'm interested in the concept of a nanny share - i've never really heard of it or considered it. 
  • I am very interested in a nanny share. I already have an incredible, Spanish speaking nanny who has been with us for a year. I'm looking for someone in upper Westchester who wants to share (alternating homes). My son is 15 months, easy going, and has no dietary restrictions. My home is in North Salem. We have a large playroom and living room for the kids but the outdoor space isn't great. I'm hoping the other family will have more of that. I'd like to start right away. I think this will cost each of us $250/week plus half the cost of a metro north card. Let me know at Nadine at alumni dot brown dot edu!
  • Hey Ladies!  I am a FTM in Scarsdale and my daughter is 11 weeks old.  I'm returning to work in May and am looking for a part-time nanny share.  Anyone still looking or have any advice on where to look?
  • I'm in New Rochelle and also looking for a part time share starting in May. Please email me! [email protected]
  • I live in Hastings on Hudson. I'm not due until September. I am very interested in doing a nanny share. However, I wouldn't need a nanny until mid December. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  • Hello,

    I am a new mom to a 6 week baby boy. I recently moved to Ardsley and am also in search of a nanny share. I plan to go back to work sometime in June. I would love to speak to any new moms who are in the same boat. Please message me to chat further.
  • Hi,
    I am bumping this topic to see if anyone is still interested in a part-time nanny share.  I am looking for a nanny 3 days/week in West Harrison starting in October (just moving in!).  I am currently interviewing nannies but thought a share would be a good idea if someone else is looking to share part of the time.  I have one 9-month old daughter who is very good-natured and happy.  We have nice big indoor space and a great deck/yard.  It will become populated with lots of toys very soon!
    Feel free to message me if you want to discuss options!
  • Sorry to bump an old post too...but we live in New Rochelle (right on Pelham border) and are thinking about looking into nanny sharing. We are due in early March 2015. We have a relatively large house, no other children and 4 cats. Would be interested in hearing about resources/experiences or potential opportunities from others in the area.
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  • I am looking for a nanny share starting January 2015. We live in Fleetwood so ideally Bronxville,Mount Vernon, Pelham, New Rochelle, Yonkers areas and alternating homes.

    We have a nice living room, nursery and soon to be playroom. We do have a dog, very child friendly.

    If anyone is still looking please pm or email [email protected]

  • Bumping..

    We recently moved to Westchester, and I am figuring out the best child care choice for our family. Right now my 18 month old son is in daycare, but I am interested in the concept of nanny-sharing. Are there currently any opportunities that someone could provide information on? Or any other moms in the area playing with the idea as well? I would love to discuss.
  • Bump! 

    I'm Due Sept 2015 and am interested in a Share. I moved to Westchester last year and am just starting to research my options. 
  • Hi Abeene01. Where in Westchester are you? I would definitely be interested in a nanny share. I'm due in September as well!
  • Hi mjenkins04, were you able to find a nanny share? I have a 16 mo old son and we are moving to New Rochelle in few weeks and would love to find a nanny share. If you already found a nanny share, can you share what other ways you used to find a nannyshare? Thank you so much!
  • Hi There 2legit2britt, abeene01, and elc305,

    I have joined the party late but am a new Mom living in Fleetwood and am looking for a nanny share in Nov or any time asap afterwards. Were you all able to find anything or create a share? If there anyone living nearby that would like to consider doing a nanny share?


  • If we had an investor and a team of programmers, this would make a great start up. It seems like this is a niche that needs filling.

    My family will be moving to Dobbs Ferry in November, and we are looking to set up a nanny share for our little guy (10 months in Dec.). Anyone in or near the Rivertowns? We'd be happy to host or split hosting. I work from home as well, so there will usually be another adult around (it's just so darn hard to get a full day's work done with an active explorer tugging at your skirt!).
  • @orisino0101 - are you still looking to do this? I live in Yonkers and I'm looking to participate in a nanny share starting in February, when my son will be 4 months old.
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  • Anyone still doing this? We are expecting and will not need help with child care until approximately March but would be interested in a nanny share then!
  • Hi ladies.  I know it is has been a while, but I wanted to see how the sharing went as I am now looking for one.  I am in Fleetwood as well, and I have a two year old and a 4 year old.  The four year old is going to UPK next year, so I'm really looking for a share for the two year old.  Anyone still looking?  Any advice?

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