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Best Mothers' Day Present ever??

So is anyone thinking of unveiling their news to their mother's on Mother's Day?  I thought it would be so cool to surprise her with this little tidbit, esp since I'm the first of our family (and my mom has all but given up hope for grandkids).  But when we see her for Mothers' Day, I will only be 7 1/2 weeks.  I know my mom will want to tell EVERYONE she knows and she's not good with secrets, so I'm thinking I'll have to wait. :

I did make cute shirts for her and my MIL though that say "I'm going to be a grandma!!!", so I can't wait to see their faces when they open them!

Just wondering if anyone else was telling then or if there are others waiting until 2T to tell the folks as well. 

Re: Best Mothers' Day Present ever??

  • I'm telling my mom and my mother in law Mother's Day weekend. My parents will be traveling overseas for a month, and I wanted to tell them before they leave for their trip. And we wanted to tell all of our parents close together, so everyone gets to find out in the next 7 days. I'll only be 6 weeks at that point, but Mother's Day seems like the right time. 
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