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Dr. Rojas Recommendation? Alternatives?

Hi all,

 I'm new to the boards, and searched but didn't find any information on Dr. Francisco Rojas (ob/gyn). He was recommended by my pediatrician, and I wondered if any of you have experience with him? If not, do you recommend another practice?

 Background: I have one DS, 14 months old, who was born at 33w6d due to PPROM and pre-ecclampsia. I had planned a home birth with a midwife, but obviously that couldn't happen. I ended up delivering at Mercy (we lived downtown and it was the closest hospital with the best NICU that our midwife recommended) with the midwives and 2 doctors + the NICU team (it was a crowded delivery room, to say the least).

I'm looking for an ob/gyn to see now that we're thinking about TTC our 2nd. I am considered high risk now due to the complications in my first pregnancy and my age (I'm 35). I want minimal intervention if the pregnancy proceeds normally, and I don't want to be bullied into an induction or into testing that isn't necessary. I went to Signature OB/GYN at first with my first pregnancy, but they were HORRID to me and I left the appt in tears. I won't go back. I've also heard bad things about L&D at HoCo General, so I'd prefer not to deliver there (we'd like to deliver at St Agnes, I think - we live in Columbia now, so Mercy is a hike with traffic if we have another NICU baby). 

Re: Dr. Rojas Recommendation? Alternatives?

  • I know many people who have seen Dr Rojas and the others in the JHCP practice. They do deliver at HoCo, though, if you have a problem with it. I delivered both of my kids there and had very little problems. Recovery was good as well. 

     I agree about Signature. I've heard not good things about them. I was going to say that most practices in Columbia are out of HoCo but remembered Women's Ob-Gyn Group. I know someone who had both of her kids through them and really liked them. They deliver at St Agnes and are in Columbia.

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  • I also agree that Signature OBGYN is no good. I used to go there when they had their previous name. Ditto Kaybee - I've heard good things about Women's Ob-Gyn who delivers at St. Agnes.

    FWIW, I delivered DS at HCGH and had a great experience. I can't wait to deliver this LO there too.


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  • ras26ras26
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    I have no experience with Dr. Rojas or Women's Ob-Gyn, but for additional perspective, I also delivered (in the last 2 years) at HCGH and had a very good experience. 
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  • I just saw Dr. Rojas today and he was very nice and informative. He does agave an accent and I had to have him repeat a couple times. Even though he was running behind, he took his time with me and didn't make me feel rushed. I love Dr. Grundy at the same practice. I've seen her multiple times and she is very informative and it feels like you're talking with a friend.
  • Hopkins in Columbia is the practice I go to and I've seen Dr. Rojas a couple times. Their policy is to rotate you through all the doctors in the practice because when you go into labor, you get whoever is on call. Every doctor I've seen there is great. They're all attentive and never made me feel rushed or that my concerns were silly. 

    Dr. Rojas himself does have an accent, but I haven't had any problems understanding him. And he's pretty funny, too.  


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  • I love love LOVE Dr Rojas. I switched to him when I was 16 weeks pregnant with my now 5 1/2 year old son and I have no intentions on ever going anywhere else. He takes so much time for you and really listens. You will never feel like he is trying to rush you out. The only drawback is that this often causes him to run late, so if you have an appointment later in the day, expect a bit of a wait. 


    I can not say enough good things about him!


    I saw above that someone mentioned his accent. Yes, he definitely has a strong accent (he is spanish) but personally I have never had any issues at all understanding him and english isn't even my first language.  To me he speaks very clearly with a spanish accent.   :)


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  • Late to respond but I go to that practice and I LOVE Dr. Rojas. I saw him with my first loss and he also did my c section with my daughter. Yes he does have an accent I believe he's from Colombia but I never had any issues understanding him. He does tend to run behind but he's also amazing when you see him face to face and really takes the time to answer any questions or quell any fears you may have.

    I've seen all of the doctors in that practice and really they are all amazing. I love Dr. Colon, Dr. Keying, and Dr. Leak. Really they are all incredible.

    And HCGH is awesome. It's like a friggin hotel.
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