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When did you know?

I am wondering when you moms figured out your LO had a food allergy and how difficult it was to pinpoint the actual trigger food. I ask this because I have a kind off the wall "allergy" (it is really an amino acid intolerance but acts like an allergy) and I am trying to figure out when I will be able to tell if DS has the same sensitivity.

 I'm not due unitl June but am just trying to get a leg up on the "competion".


Re: When did you know?

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    DD had testing done after she had a horrible reaction when she tried scrambled eggs for the first time. It was right after her 1st birthday. She broke out in hives covering her entire body, was itching like crazy, her eyes swelled and she was having nasal issues. A blood test was done first and then a skin prick test a couple months later.
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  • You usually introduce foods slowly when you are first starting solids.  For example, start with peas and just give LO peas for 3-5 days.  If no reaction then you go on to the next thing, now giving green beans for 3-5 days.  After you run out of baby food to try then it's on to table food.  With a suspected allergy you may want to take a similar approach by not introducing more than one food at a time.  This way if there is a reaction you immediately know what did it instead of trying to eliminate and backtrack.  Talk to your pedi about a plan of action. 

    My LO was a severe ana reaction with hives, throwing up, swelling, etc to peanuts.  We tried it at home when we knew both of us would be there just in case and not a caregiver just in case something happened, which it did.  We had a hospital stay and followed up with an allergist including blood and scratch test. 


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  • I have celiac disease which is a genetic disorder i passed on to my son. He started showing signs at 3. As a result we keep him on a gluten free diet. With our next child we don't plan on ever introducing gluten since my son suffered so badly for a couple weeks until I realized what was wrong. I thought it was a stomach bug at first.
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    As it is an 'off the wall' issue, have you spoken to your HCP about your concerns for your LO? Breastmilk and formula obviously contain amino acids...so could potentially cause a problem for your LO? (I'm not really sure obviously, I am not a doctor, nor allergist and do not know your specific intolerance.)

    I would ask if you could speak to someone knowledgeable prior to the birth about your concerns. Additionally, if there is an issue, you know who to call!

     Best of luck! 

    I have tried talking to all kinds of HCPs about it but no one knows what to do with me. They have never heard of this before. I have talked to tons of doctors (allergists, GIs, GPs, etc) and nurses and none of them even know what the amino acid even is. Unfortunatly it translates into a ton of food intolerances (nuts, aged cheese, aged meat, fermented soy, avacado, certain beans, dried frut, etc). Because HCPs have no idea what it is I end up truning in like 3 pages of foods they are not allowed to feed me or telling them I am "allergic" to. I am hoping my LO just inherits his Dad's insides and isn't intolerant to all the stuff I am.

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