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ROI: Childcare resource help, please!

I thought I'd start a new post rather than continue to take over the Northern Ireland board! I know there are a few of you out there, so, for those in Ireland (ROI): 
I work remotely for a company from home, in our small apartment. When the baby comes, I am interested in finding someone to come to our home part time and watch the baby, and perhaps help with cooking (not required), while I am at home. I would like this person to also take the baby out while I stay home and work.
I had read up on childminders, creches, au pairs (live in, live out), and babysitter-type services, but am not finding anything that really fits my needs. So, can someone recommend where I can find (or a resource that will better explain):
1) A person to do what I described above (I want to hire one person; I am not interested in an agency that will substitute people in and out as they please); and 
2) For a price that is reasonable, but legal (live out au pair seemed to fit, but then I read that people often pay them the "live in" au pair rate, but without covering their living expenses, which is not legal.)
Right now, we are trying to budget for child care, and it seems that we have to pay "minimum wage + taxes" .... but I don't know what minimum wage is here, and if that even applies to non full time people. Honestly, it looks like childcare is going to cost way more than I make as an attorney.  
Again, any suggestions on websites or resources would be greatly appreciated! 
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Re: ROI: Childcare resource help, please!

  • Ah yes, Irish childcare...

    Ok, here are a couple of sites that might be of some use to you:

    • (though generally for childminders who operate out of their own homes)
    • (Irish parenting site, there is a Childcare section with a directory and a forum) (you will also see (paid for) ads for other sites on rollercoaster that may be of help to you)
    •  (a nanny agency, but I think they place nannies with people for longer terms, not only lots of one offs)
    • Keep an eye out in local shops or community centres on their noticeboards - people sometimes put a little ad up offering their services.

    It is a minefield out there.  We are going to have 2 kids in full time from next year and the cost of it is going to match our mortgage repayments.

    Also, minimum wage is ?8.66 per hour.  Employers PRSI (taxes) is generally calculated at 10.75% of wages over ?356 per week, 4.25% on less than this (which is more likely if you are getting someone parttime).  You would have to register as their employer, though this doesn't cost anything.  You would have to deduct employee tax and PRSI and return this to the revenue too, but this wouldn't be a cost to you it would be reducing their gross pay.

     If I think of anything else that might help I will post again.  Let me know if you have any other queries...

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  • Thank you so much for the helpful info! I hadn't checked back in here for a while, and am glad I did! 
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  • As a former au pair and nanny, a good way to save money is to find a nanny-share or an au pair who has school aged children. Some work during school hours as their days can be pretty slow. Websites are good, but you should be prepared to pay.....potential candidates will respond to additional benefits or a good write up- check what other families are posting and make your job look good(if you go online). Gumtree is where I found my greatest ever family, hope this helps!
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