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Potty Training

What Do You Call It?

Private parts, that is... And also solid and liquid waste. 

We want to promote a positive attitude towards DD's body parts and functions, so we are afraid of using words that might seem derogatory, but we don't want to get too specific yet with each part and its purpose, because we think that would be confusing. 

Right now we are calling her whole bottom area her booty, and her functions pee pee and poo poo. I am thinking when she starts asking more questions I could tell her more specific names but I am not sure if I want to use the scientific terms with her, or some other nickname. I definitely want her to learn the scientific names for her body parts, but perhaps later when she can actually pronounce them? Or is it better to learn it sooner rather than later? 

What are your thoughts?


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Re: What Do You Call It?

  • We're a pee/poop or pee pee poo poo for waste - because honestly it feels awkward and stilted to say "did you defecate" to my 2yr old, kwim?

    We did teach him technical names for his body parts though, so penis/butt. Often we'll say bum too, like sit on your bum.

    I don't think you have to exclusively call LO's parts/waste by their scientific names but it doesn't hurt to teach them now. I have heard it's a good idea to use actual names vs. cutesy ones. For the rare, but possible, encounter with someone trying to touch her inappropriately.

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  • Urine = pee   Feces = poop   Penis = Penis  Butt = bottom  Big Smile 

    If I had a girl, I'd try to call the vulva the vulva, much like we call a penis a penis.  They say it's better to use the actual term just in case anything should happen to your child, there won't be any confusion in the story to anyone about where the inappropriate thing happened.  Or if they are staying with a relative or something and get sick/have a yeast infection or something, they can accurately describe the location of the problem and there is no confusion. 

    Wow, reading fail.  PP already said this... :)




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