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Crab cakes

I am from Maryland and crabs are a HUGE part of our summer. So this one is going to be a long one, but I was wondering if crabcakes are okay to eat? I can't get a clear answer from my doc and get different answers online. Have you all asked about this or been told more than I have? Thanks!

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  • Pretty sure crab is fine!  Most fish is, the ones that are high in mercury, shark etc, are the ones to watch out for.

    Also, it is 8:30 AM but now I am wanting some

  • Crustaceans contain the lowest levels of mercury so they would be fine. Most fish is good for you to eat while pregnant. Now shellfish doesn't necessarily contain the omega levels that are supposed to be so good for baby's brain, but they do have other benefits. One of my first cravings was lobster, and when I looked it up, it seems to be high in iodine. Your body always tells you what you need.

    And I too want crab cakes now. You are lucky you are in a good spot for fresh crab..

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  • Any shellfish is perfectly okay to eat while pregnant. I believe it should be cooked and not raw.

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  • Wahoo!!! Crabcakes here I come! I was hearing different things about shellfish and the bacteria. Hope you all can get a good one now that I put that craving out there : thanks!
  • kdjuddkdjudd member
    Um, hello. I want some crab cakes right now. I wouldn't even think twice about eating them. lol
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  • MegN423MegN423 member
    I am from Maryland too! I would eat a crab cake for sure without hesitation! Where are you from? 
  • Amjoy25Amjoy25 member
    I would eat a Maryland crab cake off the floor off a very unsavory bar that was filled with ravers the night before! Yum.


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  • Lhand11Lhand11 member
    Marylander here too!! Life here would suck if we couldn't! I woke up from my nap craving a crab cake sandwich and hush puppies. Mmmmmmm
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  • I am from Maryland too!

    DH and I are going to dinner tonight and I will be getting crab cakes :

    My doctor said crabs are fine, just not to do all you can eat whaaaat... We always do ayce!. I think it's funny that telling us about eating crabs was part of my doctor's normal speech!
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  • Ohhhh... I also heard this is going to be a good crabbing season! Have any other Maryland girls heard that? I hope it's true!
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