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Baby peeking out shirt...

So on facebk someone posted this maternity shirt with a baby peeking out of the belly. Adorable!! I want to get one, BUT I really want to find it in a tank top, as I don't wear anything with sleeves for the next 6 months-ish here... haha I found a couple on cafepress, but the baby is peeking out of the boobs, practically on those!!? WTH?? Has anyone seen any like that with the baby peeking out of the belly bump, that are tanks? (doesnt matter what tank type, razor back, spaghetti strap, etc).

Just figured I'd ask! TIA!

Re: Baby peeking out shirt...

  • I can't see the pic Huh?
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  • If you had the image on your computer, you can use a site like zazzle and just make your own shirt. I've used them before, and the shirt came out really nice.

    I'm going to do the same with a onesie that will say "I get my ninja skills from mommy" with a baby ninja on it, lol.
  • image mommabmb:
    I can't see the pic Huh?

    Okay so it's not just me. All day images havent' been showing up on TB. 


  • Oh! A friend just posted it on FB:



  • Lol! I don't have any answers for you but someone posted the exact same thing on my page last night.I thought it was cute.
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  • I'm searching for the exact same shirt! I'll let you know if I find it.
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    I've been looking for it all morning too! My friend texted it to me and I love it.
  • Glad I'm not the only one looking now... Lol DH is now hunting too!
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    Here is something similar. It appears that they can put it on any shirt.

    Look up and look up baby peeking.
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  • image himymlover:


    What's the deal with the baby peeking out from the boobs???

    the stripes really make the shirt the OP is looking for totally cute.

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  • Please let me know if you find it!! I'm going crazy trying to find the exact one : thank you!!
  • Has anyone located this???
  • Oh! A friend just posted it on FB:


    I WANT THIS SHIRT...............................................................



  • Rimastik said:

    Oh! A friend just posted it on FB:


    I WANT THIS SHIRT...............................................................



    @rimastik There are several links to shirts like that above.
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  • Good Lord I read through this and was so confused as to why no one was giving her shit for being on the wrong board, until I looked at the dates haha.


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  • How does this shit get resurrected?

    People searching the boards for posts they can use to spam us with their etsy shop.

    Did you see what shes charging?! I dint wantyour spam lady.. and fyi we arent pregnabt anynore so this is pointless
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  • Dude @Dikla79‌ stop spamming this old ass thread.

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