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What about Colette?

I'm liking this name but I'm just not sure if I'm missing something...

How would kids make fun of this name and what are some nick names people would use? 

Re: What about Colette?

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    I think it's pretty!
    No bad nicknames come to mind right away...
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    I know kids can be cruel but I hate that parents have to rule out names based on how bullies may use it against them. Nn would be Cole. I know a Nichole and everyone calls her Cole. I think it's a cute nn for a girl.
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    LOVE Colette!
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    I love this name, and Colleen, they're both on my list, but I'm having trouble picturing them as baby names.


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    I like this name in theory but it doesn't work well on a real person imo. I knew a woman with this name and when anyone called her by her name or talked about her, it always sounded like they were saying a part of the female genitalia (cl!t). It was so bad, that people would do a double take if they didn't know who you were talking about. Happened all of the time and we all felt bad for her.
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    It's very pretty. Even if my roommate from hell had that name.

    No idea about making fun of the name, but kids will always find something to make fun of. this name doesn't need a NN. Colette is just fine.

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    How pretty!
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    I think it's a beautiful name. No real nn's come to mind.
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    I think it's pretty!No bad nicknames come to mind right away...

    I agree!
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    jjkayejjkaye member

    This was in our top 3 for girls names, but we're having a boy! So pretty!

    We were going to nn her CeeCee as a baby... then she could grow into Colette, which is a fantastic name at any age!

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    NL105NL105 member

    I don't see the issue with it. I had a girlfriend in highschool whose middle name was Colette. Ashley Colette, actually.

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    apc1929apc1929 member
    I really like Colette.. no bad nn's come to mind
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