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It was on our list for DS1, but we chickened out because we were afraid it might too easily be confused with Aiden, which neither of us like. We're looking for a non-pretentious, non-trendy, non-complicated name. Big brother is Sebastian.


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  • I read/saw "Aiden" until I got to the part where you said it would be confused with Aiden and had to re-read your post. So yes, I think that would be an issue with this name.
  • Love it. I don't think of Aiden at all. I also like Alton.
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  • When I'm mobile I have to squint to make sure its not Aiden. They are one letter apart. When said aloud they both have the "den" in common. I wouldn't do it.
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  • I like it a lot but I think people would confuse it with Aiden a lot and that would just annoy me too much.

  • I like Alden and although it looks similar to Aiden they are completely different names and this shouldn't sway you against it
  • Ok, so inconclusive! We'll see if we can come up with something better, or whether the Aiden/Alden confusion will just be something we'll live with!
  • I like Alden a lot.

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    I like it; it's actually on our list for a boy!

     I wouldn't worry *too* much about it being confused with Aiden.  That would only really be a concern, I would think, when reading it.  The first vowel sound is quite different, so when spoken it's clearly a separate name.

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  • I think it's a great name.  The only time someone might confuse it with Aiden is when it is typed on screen or paper (not by sound or pronunciation!) and when typed in upper and lower case (doubt it would be an issue when in all caps)... and I don't think that's reason enough to not choose a name you really like.
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  • I love the name. I'm reading Anne of Ingleside right now and it's a name in there. That alone is enough to make me love it! I wouldn't not use it because it might get confused with Aiden.
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