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Does anyone elses baby get stuck on their belly and not roll back onto their back when on their belly?  My dd Is 6 months and she will roll onto her belly and look around etc. but then fuss when she is tired of being on her belly and now because of this we are having issues with breaking her of the swaddle! when not swaddled she will roll herself onto her belly and then fuss to get back onto her back!  she used to be able to roll both ways but then when she learned to consistently roll back to belly its like she forgot and I don't know how to help her learn to do it again!!
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  • DS learned to roll back to tummy when he was 4 months but didn't know how to roll the other way.  For the first few nights, he cried and cried every time he was on his tummy.  As soon as we turned him back on his back, he rolled onto his tummy again.  We had to let him cry and to figure it out himself. It took about 1 week before DS was comfortable staying on his tummy.  It's now his favorite position to sleep.
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  • DS is the opposite.  He will roll from tummy to back because he HATES being on his tummy but has never rolled the other way.
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    It just clicked for O two nights ago. I was sitting on the floor with him while DH made dinner and had O sitting in front of me. He has been reaching and then turning himself onto his tummy and managed to do that. This is where he usually gets stuck and freaks out, but he managed to flip to his back in a pretty fluid motion. From there, nothing stopped him and he started barrel rolling across the floor!

    Until now he has been as your little one has, so you're just going to have to be patient. It'll click for your LO too!

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