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I was actually excited my OB said I could go back to the gym next week...but that I could do yoga and waalking on tred mill now slowley!....I love yoga its relaxing and helps in so many ways I love my cardio classes too but anyway......
She usually has mellow songs celtic/irish music. The first song during warm up was you raise me up by Josh Corban.....I don't know why but it immedialty brought me to tears...I love the song but had to step out of class for the few min it was playing and try to keep my composure..and of course it was the last song to so I stepped out early.....thanks for listening just had a sad morning

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  • Music can be bitter sweet when it comes to loss, I love beam me up but I cannot get through it without crying. Also I was listening to Pandora when Hallelujah came on, I had to shut it off.

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  • Ugh I know, I heard hallelujah at yoga today (on my first day back to hot yoga post mc) and it was difficult to not cry. 
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  • Oh man, Hallelujah is a heck of a song. The one that got me (and maybe anything would have) on the day I found out I was miscarrying was "Stay" by Rihanna. I know it's about a man, but I just kept thinking how I wanted my lil' baby to hang in there and stay with me.
  • Also just listened to Beam Me Up for the first time. Yep, that's a heartbreaker.
  • Every single song today made me think of my babies :

    I guess it was just one of those days. I also think I am relating everything.to my loss and grief right now. I am so tire of feeling.like I am throwing myself one big pity party. I can't wait for that feeling to stop.
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