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Anyone go through the 6 week growth spurt at 5 weeks?

LO has been super fussy the last two days.  She's been fighting naps, eating much more frequently, and when she does eat, fighting me and screaming and pulling off.  She's normally super easy.  I'm wondering if she could be going through the infamous 6 week growth spurt.  I know anythings possible and  babies don't read calendars but I'm hoping this doesn't get worse! 

Re: Anyone go through the 6 week growth spurt at 5 weeks?

  • Oh it can definitely happen prior to 6 wks. My LO was WAY more fussy at 4 wks than 6. I think it's just to give you a general idea of when it may happen. But for real, I wish babies did read calendars so we could plan her fussy days together. haha
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  • 5 weeks today, and we are going through it. Eating every 2 hours last night, and every 1 hour all morning, followed by a nice long 5 hour nap! She's fussing again now, so I'm bracing myself for another night of frequent feedings. 

     Good luck to you I know this is tough! 

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  • I think we're going through another growth spurt now at 5 weeks. Her first was at 3 weeks. She was born at 39 weeks (RCS), but I don't think I would have gone into labor before 41 weeks. (DD1 was born at 41w3d; DD2 was a RCS at 40w2d with no signs of labor.) I don't know where that puts us in terms of growth spurts, but I do think being born before she was ready had an effect.
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  • I'm on mobile, so I can't see the end of the title to see how old your LO is, but DD went through her growth spurt last week at 4 weeks, and I'm hoping she doesn't have one again at 6 weeks!

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