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Bath time strike!

Let me begin with my DS will be 9 months old tomorrow!! Ahh, time needs to slow down and he's getting 2 more teeth which equals 6 now!!! 

Anyways, since he was about 3 months old we've ALWAYS stuck with a bedtime routine... Around 6:30-7:00 we bathe him, get him ready for bed, read a book and rock while feeding! He's ALWAYS loved bath time up until 4 days ago!!! Anytime he sees the bath now he holds on tight and fusses/cries when I put him in there! He won't even sit down! NOTHING has changed (temp of water, time we bathe, nothing)..

1. I thought maybe from crawling his legs were raw & the warm water was burning it but his skin is fine!

2. He doesn't have diaper rash what so ever

I have no idea what's going on... I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience this bath time strike! It's frustrating!  

Re: Bath time strike!

  • The only thing I can think of, is that maybe he's old enough now to understand that after bath comes bed? My DD (8 months) will sometimes cry when I bring her into her room and draw the curtains closed, because she knows that means naptime/bedtime. Maybe he's going through a more wakeful time and doesn't want to sleep? Or is he totally fine when it comes to actual bedtime?
  • Hmm.... I didn't really think about that! The last couple weeks he's gotten to where he won't let me rock him to sleep... I have to lay him down awake and then he'll fall asleep.. So bedtime has changed a little but he fights me when I put on his pjs too! He gets so mad so maybe he does realize now that its bedtime! He doesn't cry when I lay him down to sleep though so that's good! I was just confused about the whole bath time? Maybe I should bathe every other night now and maybe that will help!
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