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AW: Boys' 2 month check up

My boys are growing like weeds and I couldn't be happier.

Finn is 13lb 8oz  23 3/4"

Cooper is 12lb 7oz  23 1/4"

Lincoln is 11lb 11oz  22 3/4"

There's nothing better than hearing my triplets, born at 36wks, are bigger than most singletons at this age.  Big Smile  We do have to go to a cardiologist next week to have a Echo on Cooper's heart, but the Pedi says the murmur is sounding fainter than before, so fx the "abnormal" valve has corrected itself.  Doesn't seem to have any affect on him so far.



DS1 born July 2002 (previous marriage).

TTC since Oct 08. DH Dx w/testicular cancer March 09.
MFI due to retrograde ejaculation/azoospermia.
5/2 IVF #1 cancelled due to large follie.
6/14 start Lupron for IVF #1.2. 6/22 start stims.
7/4 ER and Biopsy.
7/9 Transferred 2 (1-4BB and 1-3BB) embryos.  4 frosties.
7/15 +HPT 6dp5dt. 7/18 Beta #1: 193. 7/20 Beta #2: 415.
8/10 1st u/s - It's triplets!

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Re: AW: Boys' 2 month check up

  • Woah! Way to go babies and Momma!! Finn is the same weight as my larger son at 4 mos. Very nice!!
    TTC in 2009, Dx: Unexplained IF
    Three TI cycles (BFP...miscarriage), five IUI attempts and 2.5 IVF cycles later...BFP!!
    12dp5dt: 765; 15dp5dt: 1979; 17dp5dt: 3379...TWINS!!!!!
    Our perfect baby boys were born at 36w1d!! 

  • Love to hear things like this! Looks like they are doing great!

    Fx for little Cooper's heart to keep improving!

    TTC since 3/4/2010
    Me: PCOS, DH: normal
    Started seeing RE 11/10/2011
    8/31/2012 = BFP!!
    First Ultrasound... TRIPLETS! EDD 5/11/13
    Baby w/ no HB @ 10w4d - We love you angel baby.
    Baby A & B doing great. A/S 12/10/12 - Healthy BOYS!
    Sawyer & Silas born at 33+6 on 3/29/13
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  • Daang! Good job mama!
  • image wallace323:
    Haha that's great!

    Go you!! What an accomplishment!


  • Fantastic job Mama!

    TTC since May 2006. After 3 failed Clomid cycles, 2 failed Injectibles/IUIs, 2 failed IVFs and 1 failed FET, we moved on to adoption! 


    Last ditch FET resulted in BFP, and identical twin girls!

  • Way to go!
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